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Download Film Modus (2016) TVRip Full Movie

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Info Film
Judul Film : Modus 2016
Genre : Comedy
Produser : Gope T Samtani
Sutradara : Fajar Bustomi, Adhe Dharmastriya
Penulis : Jovial Da Lopez, Reza Aditya
Produksi : Rapi Films
Tayang Pada : 4 Mei 2016

Sinopsis :
menceritakan tentang seorang anak muda bernama Andovi (Andovi Da Lopez).Ia adalah mahasiswa hukum yang jatuh cinta kepada Kirana (Melayu Nicole) gadis cantik dan anak dari pengusaha kaya. Andovi jatuh cinta kepadanya karena kebaikan hati dan kecantikan Kirana. Dia berusaha mendapatkan Kirana dengan segala cara ,namun tidak pernah berhasil. Karena merasa gagal terus,akhirnya dia minta saran kepada kakaknya Jovial (Jovial Da Lopez), seorang mahasiswa film. Kakaknya di kenal karena selama ini punya banyak pacar dan selalu berhasil dalam hal berpacaran.

Andovi tells about a law student who tried to pursue his love of Love. Love is the son of a coal businessman. Andovi fell in love with Love as trivial. Andovi but the struggle did not go smoothly, as always to no avail. Therefore, Andovi Jovial ask advice from his brother. Jovial is a film student who had a lot of girls. Jovial Jovial’s advised to first get to know the type of girl, because the type of girl that various kinds. Andovi then more curious life of Love, Andovi try menstalker Love’s social media. Andovi and Jovial tries to gather important things about love. But sister Andovi always wrong in giving advice. The advice given by Jovial always associated with the name of the movie. Therefore they start back to research about Love. Jovial gives the idea to impersonate a woman, and gathered together where love hanging out with his friends. They disguised as a woman by the name of Joviana and Dova. They are assisted by Edho and Guntur. However Edho and Thunder did not find the information that Love has a Gay friend named Ge. Ge can feel that Andova and Dova not a native woman, but a man disguised as a woman. Andovi re-investigate more deeply about the lives of Love, Jovi tells Ando to investigate the life of former Love named Rayi. Rayi have a friend named Arap. Arap that are in the group of neo pop. Ando wants to get into their environment, but Ando trouble if near them. Ando asks Jovi, Guntur and Edho to create a group with the name Ban Definitely So Soundtrack. For two months they diligently practiced before the final race of the semester was held. Jovial always suggest Ando of films related to the love story. Ando finally managed to invite Love to have dinner at the restaurant. Jovi already making artificial rain to make it more romantic, Ando shoot Love but failed because Ando is supposed to open the umbrella, but instead say that gaje. Andovi love struggle exacerbated by the presence of Dipa. And the news of Love who want to study abroad. Many movie scenes suggested by Jovi and Ando try. Eventually Love begins likes to Andovi. After going through many travel stories Andovi Love declare his love.
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